Hi, my name is Andy and I work in the City of London.

Brought up in a scientist family and with an education that includes a degree in Physics, I have often been troubled by the different paradigms that exist in the world of science and the world of big business. I set up this blog to discuss, among other things, whether science and business are in any way compatible.

Other things on my radar include:

  • The use (or not) of science in government policymaking
  • The use of science and evidence in management¬†decision making
  • Management literature and self-help books
  • The ¬†science behind key economic.political principles such as laissez faire capitalism, regulation and public/private/socialist institutions
  • Interpretations of concepts such as economic growth, market stability and the economic crash as discussed in the general media and its relationship to key scientific principles
  • General promotion of skeptical communities and critical thinking vs pseudoscience and superstition

This blog entirely consists of my own personal views. It is in no way affiliated with any corporate/non-corporate entities or special interest groups. I do however consider myself a skeptic and broadly support some of the views of other skeptical organisations, and will likely link to a number of them during the course of my blogging. I am not currently a member or spokesperson for any other skeptic group.

I am not affiliated with any political party and do not consider myself to be a subscriber to any of the main political ideologies (I would consider myself a typical floating voter!).

I do not receive any money or other compensation due to my activities on the City Skeptic blog.

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