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Back on the plains in 2019 to share in nature's spectacle

Meet the Team


Back for my third year on the plains. I’m a bit older but not necessarily wiser. This year I’m hoping to get a bit better in the photography department and will be taking huge amounts of video from the trip. Time will tell if that actually produces anything of quality…

This year with a newbie in tow, I’m keen to share everything I’ve learned to date. So hopefully we’ll get Chris up and running in no time, and navigating us in to position with confidence.


Hi, I’m Chris – firstly, an apology for wasting your time in reading about me! I’m a regular city working guy but away from the 9 to 5 normality I’m an adrenaline junkie thrill chaser. Natural phenomena with unearthly power and uncontrollable by human intervention fascinate me; volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes etc.

I have lost count of the number of days I have lost to documentaries, youtube clips and National Geographics marvelling at such phenomena. Unfortunately, the closest I have been to experiencing any of these is through my passion for fishing and being stuck in seaside storms walking my parents’ dogs in Portsmouth – not quite the pinnacle of their unwieldy power! Therefore, the opportunity to go storm chasing in tornado valley with Andy to get up close and personal (as safety permits!) with one of the greatest forces of nature was impossible to refuse.
I am thoroughly excited for this trip – experiencing and learning about a natural phenomenon that has marvelled me ever since I can remember. Finally, I am looking forward to hopefully helping Andy replicate and better some of his previous photography and experiences…and creating a blog that I don’t have to apologise to people for wasting their time reading!

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