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Chris’ 2019 blog, Day 10: Impending Apocalypse

All forecasts have been upgraded from ‘moderate’ to ‘high’ for severe weather events and outbreaks of tornadoes.

Today’s SPC forecast. We stayed in the northeastern part of the high risk zone

Everyone is talking about how extreme today will be. At breakfast there were 5 TV screen with weather reports, usually predicting weather from Amazonian to Saharan rainfall and humidity for the same area, all aligned on the outlook for today. Reports of tennis size hail this morning have already made the news with larger expected as environmental factors heighten, school and offices have been closed and severe warnings issued for people to stay indoors and perform emergency evacuations if they don’t have storm shelters. [The only interruption was the social media reaction to the GOT season finale that Andy watches religiously, except last night, and I don’t so now have blackmail leverage should it be required..]

The SPC commentary, who usually err on the side of caution, have used the terms ‘the tornado outbreak is expected to continue…resulting in a significant threat to life and property’ and ‘a serious outbreak of destructive, violent tornado supercells is likely’.

Today will be a tricky day for mixed reasons. There will be ample of storms and opportunities so we will have to choose our storms carefully, proceed with caution as the dangers will be tornadoes, large hail, other storm chasers, debris and floods among others so being situational aware is paramount and alert to the storm we are following and any that come near.

Warnings in mind, we’re on the road, dodgy rear window fixed, petrol and drinks filled and heading South towards Granite to wait eastward of the dryline providing the vertical helicity that will provide the initial upward energy to start a storm..

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