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17 May 2019: Now it gets serious

Tornado 3 of 3

Update: And we’re knackered. An amazing chase day with some wrong turns and some bad luck, a near death experience with a trucker and 3 whole tornadoes. Which all deserves a post off its own and I’m too tired so we’ll do it tomorrow.

This is why we’re chase though. I’ll dig out the other pics in the next update.

So after a week of storms and no storms and random softball games, we finally have a real chance of Tornadoes. All the ingredients are in place, now its time for nature to deliver… or not.

We are sat in Oogalalla, in Western Nebraska looking east towards an area where strong tornadoes are possible, so its not a day for messing around. We’ll try to get as close as we can given good visibility and situational awareness.

The storms are expected from about 3pm local time. As ever you can follow our path on the live map. If you see our satellite tracker flying erratically over open terrain – send help 😉

That black hashed area signifies risk of ‘significant’ tornadoes. Big day potentially

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