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16 May 2019: Nebraska Bound

And after a few days off, the chase is on!

live map

Update: We covered a huge amount of miles and the storms never really went for it, but…. we captured some great footage all the same, including the brightest double rainbow I think I ever saw! The lightning was also incredible with some amazing bolts radiating out from the anvil!

No words

Somewhere over there..

Now to get ready for tomorrow. The storm prediction centre have a 10% risk for significant tornadoes within 50 miles of a point, so it could be a big day tomorrow!

Its been a slow start while the atmosphere has been taking a deep breath, but now it’s time to breath out. It starts up in the high plains of Nebraska, and then potentially explodes all over the place tomorrow, and we could well end up putting in a shift to drive back south tonight, but we won’t know for sure until this evening.

The last few days have been great though. I fulfilled a nerd-ambition by visiting Roswell New Mexico, home of the famous 1947 alien autopsy hoax…? The UFO museum there was as terrible as you could imagine i.e. it was amazing! Complete with replica flying saucer and full size Little Green Men, it told the story of the Roswell incident, entirely credulously of course!

UFOs are real!

Help, I’m being abducted!

The same evening was a weird one by an standards. Chris told it well on his blog, but we ended up making friends, discovering some REALLY REALLY angry christians with the foulest language you ever heard and watching my first ever live softball match.

Go yellows!

So back to today. Its going to be a tricky one. Parts of Nebraska are still underwater from the intense flooding back in March. We are pretty much restricted to the southern half of the state, but of course the better potential is further north. We’ll see how it goes, but we could well miss the action as a result. We could end up going West into Colorado, or even Wyoming.

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